Soft FUE

SOFT FUE – FUE hair transplant with light sedation

In the field of hair transplantation, new developments appear every day to create more comfortable conditions for patients during transplantation. Soft FUE hair transplantation is a method first announced by Easy Greffe Cheveux Clinique in 2019. Soft FUE method, in its narrowest sense, is hair transplantation under sedation.

Steps of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation consists of 4 main steps. These steps are:

1. The preparation stage

The preparation phase is actually the disinfection of the area where the hair will be transplanted and, more importantly, the application of anesthesia.

Although it is a procedure prior to the hair transplant process, the implementation phase of this anesthesia is the phase that determines the comfort of the operation in a way. At this point, the question of the application of anesthesia reveals the difference of the Soft FUE method.

Although it is a preliminary procedure for the hair transplant process, the stage of performing this anesthesia is the stage that determines the comfort of the operation. This is where the difference with the Soft FUE method lies.

2. Hair roots collection

The process performed after anesthesia involves separating hair follicles from the skin using rotating cylindrical needles which are called “micromotors”.

In other words, what determines the naturalness after the transplant is that the roots of the collected hair are not known. For this purpose, the hair roots should be collected with an even distribution of the nape area.

At this stage, the determining factor for the success of hair transplantation is the method of collecting the hair follicles. Otherwise, the natural appearance after transplantation is determined by the fact that the roots of the collected hair are not known. To do this, it is necessary to collect the roots of the hair with an even distribution of the nape area.

3. Opening channels

The process of opening the channels is the most important step in restoring the natural look of the hair. Apart from the fact that the hair should be laid frequently and have a natural character, the channels should be opened with the correct angle and direction. It should be about 40-45 degrees vertically between hair and skin.

As for the direction, it is the natural direction (to comb) the hair. Channels opened according to these two points will show the most natural results after transplantation.

4. Hair Root Transplant

The hair follicles are placed in the open channels and the hair transplant process is complete. At this stage, the hair follicles should be maintained with as little contact as possible and the tissue should not be damaged.

As you can see, the start of hair transplantation takes place with anesthesia. For this reason, sedation at the beginning of the operation is the main factor that affects your comfort during the operation process.

Anesthesia in hair transplantation

Anesthesia is the most painful step in the hair transplant process. Anesthesia is currently performed in two ways.

1. Injection anesthesia

In this method, the first anesthesia is given to the person who will undergo hair transplantation through an injection. Although the needles have very fine ends, they create a sensation of pain. In addition, the sensation rate is slightly higher since this anesthesia is performed on the scalp. Nowadays, this method of anesthesia is the one that is most commonly applied due to its low cost.

2. Anesthesia with pressure

This is done with a device developed to reduce pain during needle anesthesia and inject the anesthetic with pressure on the skin. This device touches the skin and releases a thinner anesthetic with high pressure to the surface of the skin. Then, anesthesia is applied by injection. This first applied anesthetic agent does not spread evenly on the skin and cannot penetrate deeply. For this reason, injection anesthesia may be less painful in the following period.

At this stage, the application of sedation has a head start on anesthesia without injection.

Sedation application

Sedation is one of the most advanced and important medical means in the field of anesthesia, applied even in small children. Sedation corresponds to the administration of the analgesic active substance gold

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