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Our hair transplant clinic is located in Turkey, in Antalya. For many years, Turkey remains one of the most popular and demanded destinations for this type of treatment. Due to this demand the supply is also increasing. But at the same time, it is very important to ensure that the quality of the services provided is at the right level. Our clinic was opened in 2012 and works in accordance with all international standards and requirements in the field of hair transplantation. Throughout your stay you will be accompanied by a French speaking person. We also have escorts who speak English, Russian and Turkish.

Our clinic
Our clinic is modern and perfectly equipped to perform hair transplantation. Our clinic operates according to all medical protocols and in compliance with all health requirements.
Our medical team will take into account your medical needs and your budget constraints in order to offer you the most suitable solution.. We always offer all possible solutions so that the care meets the patient’s wishes and expectations as much as possible..

We understand that patients worry before going abroad to an unknown country for treatment.. With Queen Hair Transplant you will undertake your care without stress, in complete confidence.
To minimize pain we use special anesthesia – sedation. The patient will be calm and quiet during the treatment, lose track of time, does not keep bad memories of care mail he keeps his reflexes. Advantages: speed of action, rapid elimination, harmless (it is a great advantage against general anesthesia).
Our doctors visit seminars and conferences that take place not only in Turkey but also in Europe and the United States. Our medical team is always up to date with new techniques and new technologies in the field of aesthetic care..


Why Queen Hairs Transplant?

International sanitary standards

Our clinic was opened in 2012 and works in accordance with all international standards


All of the procedures performed in our clinic are carried out to obtain excellent results.

Advanced technology

Advanced technology hair transplant tools and equipment are used in our clinic.

Every day we welcome customers from different countries (France, Belgium, Allegmagne, Suisse, England, Algeria, Morocco, Canada, Russia, the United States etc). You can choose the dates for the treatments according to your availability. You are responsible for the cost of the flight. We are always ready to help you with airline ticket searches.

Queen Hair Transplant is a medical center specializing in hair implants. Its doctors are engaged in the development of hair implant techniques in order to bring the best results.

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